FuturesLab: Introduction to Unity (Midland Library)

Take the next step to becoming a coding master with this introduction to Unity coding!

Intro to Pixel-Art (Midland)

Join us for this 4 part workshop introducing participants to the art of designing characters and backgrounds in Pixel Art.

Celebrating Chinese New Year: Year of the Metal Ox (Midland)

Celebrate Chinese New Year and hear from master of Feng Shui and Chinese astrology, Michele Vos Castle!

My Career with Mick Devine (Midland)

“How I nearly made a sort of living out of almost being an artistic genius.”

Introduction to Cosplay (Midland)

Join Cosplay artist Kirilee in this two part workshop introducing you to the basics of Cosplay.

Explore-a-Lab: Magnet Magic (Midland)

Discover the wonders of magnets as children and parents work together to make a compass, magnetic structure and game.

Design Your Own Beats (Midland)

Learn how to create your own beats in Ableton in this free music workshop.

Explore-a-Lab: Flying Things (Midland)

Children and parents work together to make and test paper planes and flying things.

Soap Making (Ballajura)

Learn about the ancient craft of soap making in this presentation series!

Swan Song: Spici Water

Meet young rock and rollers AJ and Kyle of Spici Water.