Craft Club (Bullsbrook)

Bring along your craft, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and get creative in a social atmosphere at Bullsbrook Library’s own Craft Group!

Library Lovers: Reliable Online News (Bullsbrook)

Join Tim Coghill of Technologically Speaking and discover how to spot ‘fake news’.

Library Lovers: Carnivorous Plants (Bullsbrook)

Discover Western Australia’s unusual and fascinating carnivorous plants!

Thinking Green: Worm Farming (Bullsbrook)

Learn how to use a worm farm to transform household food scraps into useful products for your garden.

Basic Car Maintenance for Teens (Bullsbrook)

Hear from Murray of North Metropolitan TAFE about how to service, maintain and take care of your car!

Library Lovers: Facebook & Messenger (Bullsbrook)

Learn the basics of using social media to connect with friends and family online.

Macrame Workshop (Bullsbrook)

Discover the art of macramé with Marcia from Knot In Love!

Library Lovers: Travel In Your Leisure Years (Bullsbrook)

Hear about exploring W.A. from the people who’ve seen it all at the RAC.

Sketchbook Tour of Kenya (Bullsbrook)

Join artist and designer Leanne Bray and let her use her art and anecdotes to take you on a journey through Kenya.

500 Card Group (Bullsbrook)

Players of all experience levels are welcome at this open 500 Card Group.